Trust Me, I’m a Doctor


We do not know everything. Sometimes we just need advise from someone else, a person with more experience than us in that area. We look up to people who posses knowledge, such as parents, teachers, and yes doctors. Doctors are an authoritative figure when it comes to our health. If he says it, it must be true. This respect has been a trait of humanity since the beginning of early tribes. Healers were worshiped by the rest of the group. That felling somehow never left, we still have the same trust for doctors now. I do not know about you, but I would not think twice about doing something that a medic says could prolong my life.

This picture tries to strengthen that credibility and trust doctors have. In this image we can observe a little girl and her mother having a conversation with a doctor. The physical appearance of the two females is not random. Skinny, red lips, pale skin tone were the beauty standards of that time. Both of them show signs of admiration towards him. The doctor is not randomly depicted either. His white hair is a symbol of wisdom, the stethoscope on the table and the coat he is wearing confirm his noble profession. The background has a lot to tell too. The diploma hanging on the wall and those thick medicine books leave no room for controversies. This man is beyond doubt a certified and professional doctor.

We believe doctors to be these men and women of science. This image takes advantage of that fact and reinforces our view of them like these know-it-all creatures. It uses empathy to make us relate to the girl and her mother. The overall goal of this section is to guarantee our trust in doctors.