Transforming Science at Tech

Topic and genre declaration

We selected the “New GT-SORT telescope will open up research for AE’s Holzinger” article for our project.  It is a regular online article with images that has the purpose of inform about this new acquisition. Georgia Tech has. It is displayed in the Georgia Tech News page , however, it appeals mainly to people already interested in astronomy or aerospace related knowledge. There are images of the telescope on the article to back up the claim that this is a telescope like non other in a public university.

We decided to change the purpose to a more promotional nature. It seems a good idea to invite students to come and see this wonder that is available for anyone at campus. We will also change the medium to a poster so it will be more engaging to the audience. Talking about the audience, we plan to change that too. The language will be less technical in order to broaden the quantity of people that this advertisement will reach.

We divided the work in the following way:

Carlo and Samantha: Discussion and media about the results of research that has used the GT-Sort.

Jonathan and Vishnu: General paragraph of the poster.

Grant: Design of the advertisement.

Also, we are in discussion with the entire group to have discussions at least once a week to check on everyone’s progress.



Monday 26 Sep. Tuesday 27 Sep. Wednesday 28 Sep. Thursday 29 Sep. Friday 30 Sep. Saturday 1 Oct. Sunday  2 Oct. Monday 3 Oct.
Topic and genre declaration Every subgroup works on their part. Group discussion over each other’s parts. Group meeting and merging of work. First draft of completed project and meeting with Dr. Colvin. Corrections. ———— Final draft ready to be presented.